UPDATE: 2nd day of testimony wraps in accused child killer's trial

UPDATE 5:43 p.m. - Witness testimony on day two of McClellan's trial focused on events leading up to the death of 5-year-old Luna Younger.

The prosecution called up witnesses to collaborate the timeline that McClellan took out $500 from an ATM, bought a pre-paid phone from a Best Buy in Delta Township, and checked into a hotel room at a Motel 6.

Prosecutors also took the courtroom back to the scene of the crime. They called two forensic analysts with the Michigan State Police to the stand. The two experts examined samples of blood from the scene that were found on the handle and blade of a knife, and on the floor in the master bedroom near where the knife was found.

According to Lindsey Campbell, with the Crime Scene Response Team, the blood in all three spots matched Luna's DNA.

Another analyst to testify, Katherine Merideth, did further testing on the blood found on the handle of the knife and found it matched McClellan's DNA.

Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshall Bradley Drury with the Delhi Township Fire Department was one of the first to see Luna's body at the scene. He said she had life threatening burns on much of the front side of her body, and trauma to the chest.

He also said he believes the fire was started intentionally.

The prosecution has three more witnesses to call to the stand. The trial is expected to wrap up Thursday.

UPDATE 12:00 p.m. - Testimony continued with first responders taking the stand to describe how they went inside the burning apartment and pulled out the girl. They told the court that it appeared to them that the girl was already dead when they removed her from the apartment.

Victoria King, the girl's mother, told the court she had been arguing with McClellan during the day. She left for work and McClellan was left alone with the child. While she was at her job she noticed him in a car outside the restaurant. When she tried to speak to him he drove off. The mother left her job and returned home to find the door locked and smoke showing from the child's bedroom. At that point she called 911. She also got a phone call from McClellan. Victoria King said he told her that he was a "monster" and was going to kill himself. She was able to keep him on the phone until he turned himself in to authorities.

The trial has recessed for the day and will resume Tuesday morning with more testimony scheduled from witnesses.

UPDATE 11:15 a.m. - Testimony began this morning in the trial of Thomas McClellan in the murder of Luna Younger, his step-daughter. Investigators from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office were on the stand to detail the events surrounding the 5-year-old girl's death last November. The court also heard testimony from friends of the slain girl's mother. That testimony centered on searching for the little girl and what they did when they discovered the apartment was on fire.

MASON, Mich (WLNS) - A murder trial is scheduled to start in Ingham County today for a man accused of killing his 5-year old step-daughter.

In addition to open murder, Thomas McClellan, 25, is also facing child abuse and arson.

According to police and prosecutors McClellan stabbed Luna Younger to death in their Delhi Township home back in November then started a fire to destroy the evidence.

If he is found guilty he facing *life* in prison.

McClellan originally was to face a jury but has changed his mind and will have a bench trial before a judge instead.

6 News has a crew inside the courtroom and will update this story online as it develops through the day.

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