CMU student accused of killing parents charged with murder

MOUNT PLEASANT, MI (WLNS) - James Davis Jr., the Central Michigan University student accused of fatally shooting his parents in a dorm room on Friday, has been charged with murder.

According to CMU Spokeswoman Heather Smith, the 19-year-old also faces a felony weapons charge.

Law enforcement officers from multiple different agencies searched for Davis Jr. for several hours after the shooting. Officials said he was apprehended early Saturday morning.

Shortly after, CMU police hosted a news conference, revealing the out of the ordinary details leading up to the crime.

"It's very hard for us to say on our campus two people were killed," CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said. "What makes it worse or better, you'll have to decide for yourself, is that really it was a domestic issue, it was a mother and a father and a son involved in this initial confrontation that ended up with tragically losing two people."

This is the timeline we know by now. According to police, 19- year-old James Eric Davis Jr., a sophomore at CMU, shot his parents, police officer James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis in his dorm on campus Friday morning.

What many people don't know, is the details leading up to the fatal shooting.

CMU Police Chief Yeagley said the department's interaction with Davis Jr. started on Thursday, March 1st, when an officer said he ran into the 19-year-old, who seemed frightened and said someone was "out to hurt him."

Upon investigation, police said they identified the person who Davis Jr. may have been talking about and took that person to the CMU Police Dept. for an interview to see if they were a real threat.

In the meantime, police said Davis Jr.  wasn't making sense.

"He kept talking about the guy trying to kill him, had a warrant for him for a murder. He had already committed a murder and was wanted for a murder," Chief Yeagley said. "He was saying things like, 'It's just a feeling. I just know it.'"

Police ended up finding no real threat toward Davis Jr. or anyone else, so they let the person in question go.

The next time police saw Davis, was later that night.

"So about 1:15 our officers are over in the high rises dealing with a different issue and see Mr. Davis in the hallway with a number of suitcases and bags," the chief said.

The chief said that's when officers approached Davis Jr., but said he wasn't making sense again, so they asked him to call his parents.

His parents agreed to come to CMU immediately because they were concerned drugs may be contributing to Davis' odd behavior.

Davis Jr. was taken to the hospital until his parents picked him up in the morning. That's when police said the three went to Davis' dorm room to get his things and this happened..

"There is one witness who said Mr. Davis was seen coming from the parking lot into the hall with a gun in his hands onto the fourth floor where we believe he shot and killed his father and his mother," Chief Yeagley said.

He said the gun Davis Jr. allegedly used to kill his parents, was registered to his very own father, who is a part-time police officer in Chicago.

CMU police said Davis Jr. had no reported history of having negative interactions with anyone on campus.

Grief counselors will be available to students and staff when they return from spring break.

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