Freezing rain moves in, schools close, roads icy

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - One day we're enjoying temperatures near sixty degrees, then the next morning we're watching freezing rain develop across mid-Michigan.

If you're heading out on the roads today remember to take it slow.

Give yourself some extra time and don't make any fast movements when accelerating, stopping or turning.

Experts say the normal dry pavement following distance is three to four seconds and on icy roads that number should be increased to eight to ten seconds.

This gives you more space to respond and avoid getting into an accident.

Also, don't stop if you can avoid it.

Slow down enough to keep rolling until a traffic light changes.

And most importantly, if you really don't have to go anywhere, just stay at home.

Stormtracker 6 meteorologist Jim Geyer has been watching conditions change and he warns drivers to take it slow.

"We had rain in mid Michigan overnight. But we're now seeing a transition from rain to freezing rain and snow depending on which part of the area you're in. Standing water will quickly freeze up as temperatures plunge into the 20s, leading to areas of black ice. I'm right by US-127 and Saginaw Street and, with temperatures falling, whatever is wet here now will be turning to ice. If you're heading to work now, and you don't park in a garage or parking structure, you'll want to flip your wiper blades up so that they won't freeze to your windshield when you get out of work. I'll keep monitoring the road conditions here and will keep in touch with other counties too, and pass the road conditions along to you this morning."

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