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How to make your own eclipse viewer

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - With the eclipse now just hours away not everyone has been able to get their hands on glasses that will shield their eyes during the eclipse.

But, according to the scientists at NASA, you can make your own viewer with a cardboard box and some simple supplies.

They even put together a "how-to" video showing the steps.

Our media partners at MLive broke down the steps for easy reference:

  • Trace a piece of paper that fits along the bottom
  • Tape said paper inside the cereal box and seal the top
  • Cut rectangular holes on the top to the left and right side
  • Cover the left hole with a piece of aluminum foil and tape in place
  • Poke a pinhole into the aluminum foil covering the left hole
  • Put the sun to your back, look into the right, uncovered hole and watch a projection of the eclipses sun on the inside of the box

And NASA has this very important reminder: "Before you get started, remember: You should never look at the sun directly without equipment that's specifically designed for solar viewing. Do not use standard binoculars or telescopes to watch the eclipse, as the light could severely damage your eyes. Sunglasses also do NOT count as protection when attempting to look directly at the sun."

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