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UPDATE: Ingham County Sheriff releases more details of jail inmate death

UPDATE: Andrew Dwayne Navarre, 33, was arraigned today in 55th District Court on charges of narcotic/drug delivery cause death and narcotic/drug delivery.

There is no bond.

Next court date is preliminary exam conference, December 7th.

UPDATE (5:30PM) - The Ingham County Sheriff's Office continues its investigation into the death of 39-year-old inmate Mark Rhodus who was found dead in his cell on September 12th, 2017.

Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth held a news conference Wednesday afternoon discussing updates on this case.

After receiving the autopsy report, the sheriff's office has determined that Rhodus died of a multiple drug overdose.

Those drugs include methadone, cocaine and a generic Wellbutrin just to name a few.

Rhodus had been in jail since August 3rd, 2017 and Sheriff Wriggelsworth says he was not prescribed methadone or Wellbutrin.

The sheriff says the only person prescribed methadone in the cell block at that time was the suspect in this case who has since finished his sentence and been released from jail.

The Ingham County Prosecutor's Office has issued an arrest warrant and deputies are searching for the suspect.

He has been charged with delivery causing death and delivery of a controlled substance.

Meanwhile, the sheriff's office is taking action to ensure this situation doesn't happen again.

"You I.D. the inmate with the wristband, match it up to the medication...they'll line up single file, have nothing in their hands and methadone recipients will be first in line. The post deputy will give the inmate both their methadone and an 8 ounce cup of water. The inmate will then take the dose and be required to drink the 8 ounces of water and then return the cup to the deputy," said Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth.

Sheriff Wriggelsworth has also ordered an investigation by the Michigan Sheriff's Association to determine if any policies were violated by any staff members.

It's important to note that the suspect is currently also wanted on an unrelated felony charge in Ingham County.

UPDATE (2:36PM) - We have learned the inmate possibly ingested methadone and cocaine while in his cell.

Sheriff Wriggelsworth reiterated that "it is obviously illegal to process and should never be in our facility."

At this time we do not have any information regarding a suspect.

The investigation is ongoing and we will continue to update you on-air and online as we learn more.

MASON, Mich. (WLNS) - 6 News has learned that this afternoon Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth will be updating the circumstances surrounding the death in September of a jail inmate.

Mark Kelly Rhodus, 39, from Monroe was found unresponsive in his bunk at 4 a.m. during hourly check.

The Ingham County Prosecutor's office has confirmed it is reviewing a warrant request from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office for potential criminal charges involving the death of Rhodus at the Ingham County jail.

Rhodus was assigned to the housing area of the jail. He also had a bunk mate who was in the cell at the time he was found.

Despite efforts from corrections officers and paramedics to revive Rhodus, they were unsuccessful.

The cause of death was not apparent and has been under investigation.

Rhodus had been in the jail since August 3 on a contempt charge and an MDOC parole hold from Monroe County.

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