Lansing businesses deal with flooding aftermath

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - Flooding has already started to go down across the Capital-area, but some businesses are still dealing with its aftermath, even needing to close down for several days.

Alan Henfling, owner of A & J Transmission in Lansing, considers himself one of the lucky ones out of the dozen-or-so businesses who are affected by flooding on Kalamazoo and Clippert Streets.

"The guys told us that it hits it's top at 14 and some feet which gave us just about 5 or 6 inches of grace before it went into the building," Henfling said about the river reaching its peak late Thursday.

Unfortunately, there were other businesses nearby that were hit much harder, including Bake N' Cakes.

Owner Wilford Johnson says he hadn't seen anything like the flooding this that happened this week in his three decades owning the store.

"We've never had this happen before you know and our concern is our customers, you know the loyal customers for years with us, because we've been in business for 34 years. and that kind of upset my son and myself is our poor customers."

Henfling said his focus now is on those who need help the most.

"We feel very fortunate to be able to not have to go into a long term delay of work, so you know my thoughts are really more with the other people that have a much bigger problem to deal with than we ended up with," Henfling said.

Those who are still struggling to get back up and running have a message as well.

"It's uncontrollable, we have no control over it, so as soon as we get up and running we will let them know," Johnson said.

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