Local ghost hunters search for paranormal activity in Michigan Theatre of Jackson

The Michigan Theatre of Jackson is known for many things.. high profile acts, sold out crowds, and even paranormal activity.

This weekend a few local ghost hunters plan to spend the night in the theatre looking for traces of the dead.

So we sent our Veronica Gabriel down to Jackson for a little ghost hunting of her own.

Rusty Jones is the founder of Central Michigan Paranormal Investigations.

He hunts out the dead and tracks down any sign of the after life.

One of his favorite places to search for ghosts, he says, is the Michigan Theatre of Jackson.

"There's such a rich history here. This theater has been here in Jackson since the 1900's. There's always reports of people, workers, people that's visited of strange things happening," says Jones.

The theatre first opened it's doors in April 1930.

It's Executive Director, Steve Tucker says it was and still is a popular destination featuring movies, musicians and vaudeville style acts.

Back in the day, he says it even featured stars like Bob Hope, Boris Karloff, and Groucho Marx.

Jones walked us through the theatre sharing pieces of it's famed past and stories that gave us goosebumps.

"The first report we ever heard of was a lady in the balcony. Just sitting there watching whatever's going on on stage. People claimed you could see right through her. Others have said she would stay late after the shows have finished," says Jones.

"We started getting other reports, like a little girl up in the upper floor running between the bathrooms," says Jones.

"I had a hand rest on my shoulder. So I looked over and nobody was even close to me. The closest one was about ten feet away. A couple seconds later I had this whisper in my ear "please sit back." It sounded like it could have been an usher to me," says Jones.

Jones says he's heard several bone-chilling stories from people about eerie experiences while inside.

"One of our investigators was up in the ladies bathroom. They have this huge mirror and she was talking about how cool that mirror was. And on a voice recorder we heard someone saying "it's cold in here,"" says Jones.

And though the stories and feelings are quite creepy, there are some like Tucker who believe it's all just fun.

"Because it's so big and there's a lot of air circulating you always wonder, but so far no ones touched me or crossed me in any way," says Tucker.

Jones says he always makes sure that he's looked at every option and tries to de-bunk stories before saying that a place is haunted or a something is true.

Some employees have reported seeing people and hearing things in the theatre as well.

If you'd like to check it out, you can visit the Michigan Theatre of Jackson and see a movie or act for yourself.

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