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Olivet High Schoolers turn trash into treasure

Olivet High School bought new laptops, thanks to generous donations.

The computers came in cardboard boxes with a handle, looking a lot like a briefcase, and the school's librarian said she knew she couldn't throw them away.

"I just thought my daughter would really want that as her art case. So I decided to do a couple for her and then we just decided to do the rest," says Online Media Specialist at Olivet High School, Wendy Murray.

Murray took a simple box and turned it into a special idea.

It's called Project Start.

Students adopt a leftover laptop box, wrap it, and stuff it with supplies.

Then, they'll be distributed locally to kids in hospitals and the Siren Shelter, a place that provides assistance to families of domestic violence and homelessness in Eaton County.

"When they're in that moment where the parents may need to focus on what they're doing just to keep them smiling, give them a little bit of peace and happiness," says Murray.

These high schoolers have been more than willing to help out.

"It's been challenging them a little bit to kind of think in a different way of someone who's struggling," says Murray.

Murray says everything from the decorations to the materials were picked out by students themselves.

"They've used paint, scrap booking paper, whatever it is that they can do. I just asked them to do what they would have wanted if they were in a stressful situation when they were younger," says Murray.

"I was very influenced by super heroes and that kind of thing so I just knew instantly that if I was little kid and I was going through a tough time I would want a hero to come in and help me out a little bit," says student, Jackson Maduri.

Turning nothing..into something that could change a child's life for the better.

"You're doing it from your own heart and you're doing it with a purpose. Really what more can you ask for," says Maduri.

"I know it's not saving a child's life, but it really is maybe adding a moment of happiness," says Murray.

Murray hopes to donate the boxes to the shelter in the next few weeks.

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