Flu hits 46 states, including Michigan

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - We're all familiar with that dreadful cough, runny nose and sore throat...yes, it's flu season and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says right now 46 states, including Michigan are experiencing an outbreak.

"We're seeing a lot of patients with flu young and old," said Dr. Fuller; Chairman of emergency medicine at Sparrow Hospital.

Dr. Fuller says compared to a few months ago, he's seen a significant increase in patients being treated with the flu with symptoms that include...

"High fevers, come in with general aches and pains, cough, and all in all just feel miserable," Dr. Fuller stated.

The emergency room isn't the only department seeing a boost in patients seeking treatment for influenza, Sparrows "Fast Care" is too.

"They come in with a fever greater than 101, body aches, headache, nasal congestion," said Deanna Wennberg; Nurse Practitioner.

But Wennberg says it's when there's a life-threatening problem that people should head to the ER.

"Those who are getting dehydrated, they're not able to control their fever at home," Wennberg stated.

"If anyone's having problems with shortness of breath," said Dr. Fuller.

And even though the flu-shot this year has not been found to be highly effective, doctors still encourage everyone to get one.

"It's effective enough the fact that it reduces the amount of illness in people that are at higher risk," Dr. Fuller added.

Dr. Fuller says by getting the flu shot, washing your hands, and making sure your home and work space are kept clean, that will help keep you from becoming more susceptible to the flu.

For more information on flu prevention and care, just head to the "Seen on 6" section of our website.

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