Homeless Angels team up with the city of Lansing

The City of Lansing announced a partnership with Homeless Angels.

It now becomes par the of the Greater Lansing Homeless Resolution Network.

The idea behind this partnership has been in the works for years.

And now officials say this is just another way Homeless Angels can give back to the city.

"We have to come together in unity, absolutely have to the fight is too great," says Treasurer of the Homeless Angels, Timothy Baise.

The Homeless Angels has teamed up with more than 30 other organization from around the region to help meet the needs of Lansing's homeless population.

It's a partnership city officials say, will not only help strengthen the community, but also gives the non-profit a chance to exchange resources with others in the city.

"We can do so much more by putting our chips on the table together and again looking at what's in the best interest of our brothers and sisters in the community," says Director of Lansing's Human Relations and Public Services Department, Joan Jackson Johnson.

"To get somebody out of a hotel program into permanent housing, we dont' have that ability. Ive talked to people in Community Mental Health, we need that for some of these cases. We can't provide that but now with this partnership we can connect those dots for these clients," says Baise.

Basie says the non-profit will also soon open a diaper bank and start a room sponsorship program where local businesses can pay for a room at the Burkewood Inn to house a family in need.

Officials say it's all good things for the organization despite the recent departure of it's founder, Mike Karl.

And he seems to agree.

"This is what I hoped from the very beginning. That the city, other agencies, and everybody and the Homeless Angels can come together. This ensures that the Homeless Angels will continue the blessings but it also gives me a chance to get back to the streets and not really worry," says Homeless Angels Founder and previous President, Mike Karl.

"It's about the people on the streets, we're just one of the vehicles along with the other organizations," says Baise.

City officials say the new partnership is a win-win for everybody and that by working together, they can help make a difference for the more than 5,000 homeless people in the greater Lansing community.

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