Mail carriers: Clear ice and snow away from mailboxes

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) - It is slow-going for U.S. postal workers as heavy snow falls across mid-Michigan.

"It slows everything down. The walking, the driving, everything," said Jeff Robison, a mail carrier in Jackson.

As Robison walks his mail route on the east side of Jackson, he also has to battle un-shoveled sidewalks and icy stairs just to get people their mail.

"Just take it slow and easy," Robison said.

The postal service is asking people not to forget about their mail carriers and keep the way to their mailboxes clear.

Robison says salting the area around your mail box will also help them out.

"But for the most part, as long as the walks are clear, the steps are clear, and a good handrail," Robison said.

If your mailbox is out by the road, mail carriers want snow and ice cleared away from it.

If there's too much snow they won't be able to reach the mail box from vehicles.

That forces them to walk on the road, and that's dangerous.

"It's all for safety, we want to do it all again tomorrow," Robison said.

If getting to your mailbox is too dangerous they can stop delivering and you'll have to pick up mail at the post office.

As for working out in the cold, Robison says it's better than delivering mail in the sweltering summer heat.

"I love it. I don't have a problem with it. Day's like to today, skip the mosquito spray, I was all set," Robison said.

Mail carriers say that during the winter it's also a good idea to make sure porch lights are on so they can see where they're going during late deliveries.


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