Skubick: Lawmakers Take A Break; Still Lots Of Work Ahead

(WLNS) - There's a "time out" at the State Capitol as lawmakers are now on spring break, leaving behind some unfinished business

Not much going on under the dome these days as workers get ready to repair the dome and lawmakers are on spring break.

The Governor is still in town and off and on the campaign trail promoting a "Yes" vote on Proposal One to fix the roads.

The story out of the Michigan House three months into the new year is that it is more conservative. On the Governor's budget; they have rejected some of his major initiative.

House GOP vs. Governor

(1) Nixed At Risk $

(2) Nixed 3rd Grade Reading $

(2) Sliced University $

(4) Cut MEDC

(5) Nixed Health Care Tax

In strong contrast the Governor is doing much better in the GOP Senate where senators seem to be more in sync with their governor.

The House GOP has voted to kill the so-called Hollywood Film Tax Credit while the Governor and the GOP Senate want to continue that for a time.

With some House Republicans opposing some of the Governor's plan, the theory is he will need more Democratic votes from the likes of House leader Tim Greimel and the Senate Democratic leader Jim Ananich, who was set to meet with the governor this week.

Senator Ananich says the legislative record to date is not that impressive since they have not been in town that long. But Senator Jim Ananich adds that the Democrats are working with the Governor on his budget. "I think the budget is one where we've been trying to be helpful when we can," says Sen. Ananich. "We haven't done much yet so there's not a lot to be surprised by."

Lawmakers return in two weeks to continue work on the agenda which is on hold for now.

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