Skubick: Water crisis will dominate Gov. Snyder's State of the State

LANSING, MI (WLNS) - The governor gets ready for his annual state of the state address and this year, it's drawing national attention all because of the Flint water crisis.

Governor Snyder's annual speech is being over-shadowed by the ongoing water crisis in Flint.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick has a preview of what you can expect to hear from the governor in his only interview before tonight's address.

Reporter: "Is this the most important state of the state you've given."

Governor Snyder: "Well yeah."

The governor will announce Tuesday an infusion of about $20 million immediately to address the water crisis in Flint. There will be more. He will also release some of his personal emails on the administration's handling, his critics would say, mishandling of this crisis.

"He's has been incompetent when it comes to getting help to the residents of the city of Flint. He's been incompetent in making sure those who work underneath him uh were flagging problems with poisoned water in the city of Flint um if he only knew about the outbreak of legionnaires disease a week ago as he said, that would point to incompetence," said Brandon Dillon, chair, Michigan Democratic Party.

The governor concedes others may call it incompetence but he is working on the solution, even though he confesses mistakes were made.

Governor Snyder: "Mistakes made that I wish I would have known about so you have to take responsibility, Tim."

Reporter: "There is nothing criminal going on here?"

Governor Snyder: "No, not in my view I have not heard of anything that reflects that at all. And again I don't think anyone was doing anything out of malice.

The senate democratic leader from flint wants to focus on solutions, too but he complains the Snyder administration has been lacking on three fronts.

"That's a lack of accountability, a lack of honesty and a lack of urgency."

"I understand anger and I understand people want justice, but the people of Flint can't drink justice. They need clean water," said State Senator Arlan Meekhof, (R), senate leader.

Mr. Meekhof concedes whatever the governor says tonight not everybody will agree and that could be an understatement.

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