Victims of Nassar react to his guilty plea and apology

Larry Nassar pleads guilty to 7 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and provided an apology to the court.

"For all of those involved, I'm so horribly sorry. This was a match that turned into a forest fire that was out of control and I pray to the Rosary every day for forgiveness and I want them to heal."

It was at this moment some of Larry Nasser's victims felt vindicated, but disgusted at the very same time.

"I think my jaw almost hit the floor" said 18-year old Kaylee Lorincz, who spoke publicly for the first time about her abuse by Nassar.

"I think he did that to make himself feel better," said Lindsey Lemke. "I'm sure he wants healing and this and that because he does feel guilty for what he did, but to me it doesn't mean anything."

An understandably callous reaction from victims inside the courtroom, because to them Nassars sorry was simply another skew of the truth.

"He is a master manipulator" said Rachel Denhollander, the first gymnast who filed a criminal complaint against Nassar. "I don't believe there was anything sincere in what Larry said other than his desire to refocus the attention on the good he thinks he did today by allowing the community to move forward."

Another major focus for some of the victims revolved around those who allowed Nassar to go unnoticed. In fact, some believe criminal charges should be brought against Michigan State University for allowing Nassar's abuse to take place for roughly two decades despite numerous allegations.

"You don't get a pedophile that was able to abuse without there being a culture surrounding him," said Denhollander. "Until we deal with the enablers this is going to continue happening."

These three victims continuously brought up specific individuals connected to Michigan State University for helping to allow Nassar's abuse to go on for so long. They believe their inaction resulted in numerous girls becoming a victim, when they didn't need to be.

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