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Keep Safe And Warm During Storm

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(WLNS) - Frigid temperatures are headed into mid-Michigan through Tuesday. Last minute precautions can still be done to help keep you safe and comfortable.

Lifesaving Tips

 - Avoid sudden exertion, like heavy lifting, shoveling or walking through deep, wet snow or snow banks.

 - Dress appropriately for the weather. When temperatures drop well below zero, frost bit can occur in around 30 minutes. Wear layers of clothing to keep air between, forming a protective insulation. Keep extremities covered by wearing  ahat, gloves, scarf and boots.

 - Aviod alcoholic beverages before going outside, as heat is drawn away from the body's vital organs.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Different options exist to help keep pipes warm.

 - Foam can help keep water warm and keep energy costs low.

 - Placing an insulting dome around outside faucets and spigots also reduces water in home pipes from freezing, expanding and causing a costly leak.

 - Allow faucets to slowly drip to reduce the build-up of pressure in pipes.

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams are formed when air in the attic is warm enough to cause snow and ice on the roof to thaw and refreeze repeatedly. Pools of water then become trapped under layers of ice that seep under your roof covering into the attic.

 - Seal all openings that would allow vapor to rise into the attic; this includes any holes created from installing light fixtures or ceiling fans.

 - Keep gutters and downspouts clear to allow melted snow and ice to flow away from your home.

 - Don't use salt or other minerals to melt the snow on your roof. These are very damaging to roof shingles and tiles not to mention gutters and downspouts.

Check Your Insulation

 - Check for air leaks around windows and doors using a lit incense stick. If the smoke is sucked out of an opening, seal the leak with caulk, spray foam or weather stripping.

Winterize Outside Your Home

 - Lay down a layer of deicing sand or salt to minimize the buildup of ice

 - Clean gutters so water doesn't back up and freeze.

 - After blizzard conditions pass, lay down layers of deicing sand or salt to melt the snow and ice. Once it begins to melt, you can chip away at the layers with a snow shovel to move it off of steps and walkways.

 - Turn off and drain all of outdoor plumbing including hose connections, pool connections, sprinkler systems, etc. After you've turned off the water, leave faucets in the "on" position and remove any plastic components.

Have Emergency Kits In Your Home And Car

 - Leave emergency essentials in the trunk of your car at all times. This can include a blanket, water, food, extra boots, batteries, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, road flags or flares and an extra pair of warm clothes.

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