LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As the school year ramps up, parents are rightfully concerned about security and emergency management.

One company is working to keep schools safe from shooting incidents with panic alert technology.

State and local governments see the need for advanced safety technology. Many are increasing funding to equip schools with devices like Raptor Alert, a panic alarm system designed by Raptor Technologies.

“That allows a teacher or administrator to be able to initiate an emergency from any web-enabled or mobile device,” said David Rogers, CEO Of Raptor Technologies.

It’s important to understand the abilities and benefits of these panic alerts. You can notify the right people about a gas leak, a sick student or even a dangerous situation quickly.

“And get them to you quickly by using Raptor Alert,” Rogers said.

This includes notifying staff, administrators or even police.

Texas recently announced increased funding for school safety initiatives, including $17.1 million specifically for this panic alert technology after the tragic events at Robb Elementary School.

“Or in the worst-case scenario like an active shooter, it will allow everybody to lockdown,” Rogers said.

He says panic alert tech is set to become a key security feature in classrooms across the country.

It’s already in 7,000 schools.

The alert system allows the tracking of safety drills, and will cost less than a single projector for a classroom at around $1,800 per school per year.

“For schools and staff to not only be aware but also to directly connect to first responders through 911, to get them on campus quickly because every second counts. So they want to make the response much faster to these types of emergencies,” said Rogers.