EATON RAPIDS, Mich (WLNS) – For years, Eaton Rapids has been home to The English Inn, a place the owner says people go-to for an upscale old English experience and destination restaurant.   

“People come and celebrate anniversary, engagements, birthdays, people make a lot of memories here,” said Erik Nelson, owner of The English Inn

But with the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions, some of those special moments have slowed down, but the community’s support has not.

“We have had several guests who have offered cash tips for our staff. people who have done Christmas presents for our staff’s children,” said Nelson

These acts of generosity made the location and its team want to give back, and they wanted to do something for those being selfless.

“We are donating 100 four-course meals to those who have been giving back during a time when things are tough. And that includes lots of people,” said Nelson.

Not just any meals, upscale meals to-go that feeds two. Averaging worth around $100. Including shrimp cocktails, prime rib, baked potatoes, and more.

It teamed up with Performance Foodservice, Peak produce, Elis, and Baywinds Seafood to make this happen and asked the community to nominate any deserving people they may know.

“My son is a durable medical equipment tech and a lot of the times they don’t get the recognition that other people do, but he goes into people’s houses everyday and delivers oxygen,” said Nancy Genco, a customer of The English Inn and a person who gave nominations.

Her daughter-in-law is also a caregiver at an adult foster home. These are just two of the many that the inn is thanking for their service.

“Front line workers, people who have done selfless acts through this time,” said Nelson.

Throughout today, the $100 four-course meals will be distributed to nominees- surprising some, hopefully filling their stomachs, and thanking them all.