HILLSDALE, Mich (WLNS)- Playground bullying can be hard for kids, especially when being bullied about something like their hairstyle. Recently, a Hillsdale girl lost confidence because of just that.

But with the help of a community Facebook page, Partial to Girl’s Special Occasion Hair Program, she gained it back. It specializes in helping families with biracial children style their child’s hair. 

“African American hair no matter what it’s mixed into needs to be cared for in a certain manner,” said, Salena Taylor, Founder of Partial to Girls. She is also biracial and was teased for her hair.

12-year-old Keyona Neely of Hillsdale is biracial and half white- she is bullied a lot for her hair by classmates and has been for years. She often kept it in a bun, and wanted to style it, but couldn’t.

“I personally as her mother don’t know how to braid or anything,” said her mother, Shannon Bentley.

The family began searching for a way to make Keyona feel beautiful and found the Partial to Girls Program. After scheduling the free appointment, Keyonna’s entire self-esteem would soon change.

“I love actually love it. I smile more, and I am taking a lot of selfies,” said Keyona.

Something she didn’t do before this. Keyona had to move schools due to hair bullying and recently just started her new school this week, and she started with lots of new confidence.

“I want other little girls to see Keyonna and know that they can get their hair done and feel beautiful, too. Because they are,” said Taylor.