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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)— Today on the 6 News Now “Daily Digital Debrief”, we’re covering top stories here in Michigan, across the United States, and around the world.

Georgia Runoff

All eyes are on Georgia, as the fight for the U.S. Senate comes to a head. Currently, Republicans maintain control of the chamber, but should both seats turn blue, Democrats would have a 50-50 split, leaving all ties to Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. If Republicans win just one of the two seats, they keep the majority.

At a rally in northwest Georgia on the eve of Tuesday’s runoffs, Trump repeatedly declared that the November elections were plagued by fraud that Republican officials, including his former attorney general and Georgia’s elections chief, say did not occur.

The president called Georgia’s Republican secretary of state “crazy” and vowed to help defeat him in two years. The pair have made headlines following the release of a call, where the president is heard pressuring the secratary to find him more votes. Trump encouraged his supporters to show up in force for Georgia’s Tuesday contests.

“Georgia, the whole nation is looking to you. The power is literally in your hands,” Biden charged at his own rally in Atlanta earlier Monday. “One state can chart the course, not just for the next four years, but for the next generation.”

Election Certification

Speaking of the Presidential Election, members of congress will meat Wednesday, to certify the votes cast by the Electoral College. It’s a process overseen by Vice President Mike Pence.

Currently, several representatives, including Michigan District 7 Congressman Tim Walberg and Michigan District 1 Congressman Jack Bergman, have said they plan to challenge those results, during the process tomorrow. The Michigan lawmakers issued the following statement in regards to the challenge.

“The very foundation of our Democracy lies in the tenets of a free, fair, and secure election. Americans deserve to know only legal votes are counted and reports regarding irregularities, fraud, and failure to follow election laws are thoroughly investigated. Poll challengers have raised valid concerns about election integrity across our Nation that brings into question the results of the 2020 election and puts faith in future elections in jeopardy.

“While the easy answer is ignoring election irregularities – we will not stand idly by without taking every lawfully available option to ensure the outcomes of our elections can be trusted. This includes objecting to the electoral votes from disputed states where there is evidence warranting an investigation.

“Our options are not binary – Congress has an obligation to the tens of millions of Americans who have lost faith in our election process to prove that our elections are free, fair, and follow laws in place. We join with our Senate colleagues calling for an Emergency Electoral Commission to perform an emergency audit of the election results in the 10 days before the inauguration.”

Rep. Tim Walberg (MI-07) & Rep. Jack Bergman (MI-01)

Drunk Driving Veto

Here in Michigan, news out of the capitol, after Governor Gretchen Whitmer has refused to sign a bill, allowing ne-time drunken drivers ask a judge to set aside their conviction. The bill had bipartisan support in the Legislature, and also had the backing of by top officials including Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and state Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack.

According to the Associated Press, Whitmer’s office did not give any indication of why she vetoed the bill.

Other stories in today’s newscast include local lawmaker action to the Georgia election, and what local doctors have to say about the new COVID-19.

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