LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- Valentine’s Day is this weekend and for most of us, we’re looking for a nice healthy meal to make our Valentine.

“So we’re very familiar with saturated fats, like bacon, butter, bacon grease, cakes cookies, baked goods,” said Registered Dietitian, Sarah Heinz of sparrow hospital.

And while we know what is bad for the heart, what about some meals that are good for your lover’s heart?

“A kale quinoa salad, a roasted cauliflower and honey glazed salmon dish, a brownie batter dish a cranberry chocolate chip cookie.”

Some healthy dinner options:

But for the sweets, the brownie batter could replace some other fatty foods. With the right ingredients of course.

“Always you want to avoid a lot of added sugar, can affect your heart health. And while you’re eating things, you want to focus on unsaturated fatty acids, and foods high in fiber,” said Heinz.

And while it is sweet, its filled with protein and fiber, decreasing your total cholesterol levels.