LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- The Lansing School District has restarted its search for a superintendent of Schools after months of being paused.  

Today the district’s Board of Education will hold its first round of interviews tonight and the community can watch and give feedback according to its website.  

Whoever is chosen, will hold a lot of power, responsibility and receive a multi-year contract, with a salary range of $180 -$210,000.  

A Superintendent is the C.E.O of the district and takes the Board of Education’s visions and turns them into reality.  

All while making daily decisions on education programs, spending, staffing, and your child’s education. 

Spokesperson, for GreatSchools.Org, Carol Lloyd says parents should really pay attention now- more than ever.

“Now is the time to make your voice know. A lot of decisions are being made right now. We need Superintendents that are strong and instructional leaders, that has a clear vision of the education of the district and everyone in them,” said Lloyd.

The second round of interviews will be held next week in the evening as well, and the start date for this position is set for July 1st.