Five words/phrases that describe me:  versatile, honest, resilient, observant, and cheerful

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Other places I’ve lived: California (Lynwood & Malibu), New York City, Shanghai, China.

I graduated from: Pepperdine University

I’ve been doing what I do for: 1 year 

Most interesting assignment: I love anchoring the Spanish Cast — Actualización en Español. Having the opportunity to share local news with the Spanish-speaking community in Mid-Michigan has been such an honor.

I have a knack for: Finding great memes & treasure hunting at thrift stores!

I’m passionate about: Storytelling, investigating, reporting the truth, and pursuing justice! I love to share the stories of communities often neglected and helping people tell their truth.

I can’t stop talking about: I love chatting about music, sharing my favorite songs/podcasts at the moment and current events.

When I’m not reporting/anchoring, I’m: Biking to my heart’s content, trying new restaurants, reading, or dancing.

Other places you may have seen me: Before the pandemic: I loved getting work done at local boba shops. 

Favorite place in mid-Michigan: East Lansing Public Library & MSU Gardens (for now)

What I love most about mid-Michigan: The tenacity and kindness of Michiganders!

Fun fact/s: I love playing & watching soccer, my favorite food is al pastor tacos & I love dancing cumbias! 

Anything else you want viewers to know: I love meeting our viewers. If you ever see me chasing a story don’t be afraid to come say hello! Also, if you have a story idea please reach out.
Yo también hablo español y quiero escuchar las historias de ustedes, nuestros televidentes!

Where to connect with me: On social media: Facebook: WLNS Araceli Crescencio, Instagram: aracelireports, Twitter: aracelireports