The Michigan primary is just one week away, August 4th. We introduce you to two more republicans fighting for Elissa Slotkin’s 8th congressional district seat.

Alan Hoover and Kristina Lyke belong to the same political party, but they have different values and ideas.

Lyke believes it is very important to do what the people like. She says, “you have to be able to work with people to get things passed and what individuals don’t realize is this when you’re in congress you have to do things and think about them how is it going to affect the 8th district.”

Whereas Hoover is very strong about integrity.

He is from Ypsilanti and a Marine with 20 years of service and now a business owner. His top priority is to help veterans.

“We have thousands of homeless veterans living on the streets veterans that went into a military system to defend our Constitution to defend the American people they went through this system and they came out broken.”

Lyke is from Pinckney and is a criminal defense lawyer and also a business owner.

Lyke says her top priorities are, “the constitution, of course, the Second Amendment, pro-life to protect the unborn, but I also want to make sure that we take care of China. We are so dependent upon China right now, we need to make sure that we stop the manufacturing in China and that we bring those jobs back to the state of Michigan.”

Lyke believes her connection with the community sets her apart from the other candidates.

“I was raised here this has been my home my entire life I’ve lived here I went to school here, I know the public school system.”

As for Hoover he says serving the country makes him the better choice.

I deployed five times, with the military I am the only person in this race in this election the only competitor in this election that is truly a veteran n the united states of America and I don’t have to pretend to be it because I am I don’t have to use words to paint that picture.”