The Jackson County Department of Aging helps seniors, from providing meals to in-home services. Now with rising costs, the group is asking for the help of the community for the first time in 16 years. They want to keep their mission going strong with a millage proposal on next weeks ballot.

“This funding request, the reason we are coming to the community, and requesting it is to help sustain senior services for the next ten years for the residents, and caregivers in our Jackson Community,” said Interim Director at the Jackson Department of Aging, Danielle Pequet.

The increase would be from .25 to .60, which equals out to about 30 dollars more a year for a hundred thousand dollar home. The department says, the increased funding would help every area of its services.

“Our largest being Meals on Wheels, our home care services, our counseling, the case coordination, and support that we do with talking with seniors in their homes,” said Pequet.

The organization says, it sees the impact, every day with many seniors writing personal ‘thank you’ notes to show their support.

“Having a place to go everyday for a program, a good nutritious lunch, and coffee in the dining room with a friend is good for me. It gets me up, and dressed, and around for the day. I just don’t sit alone at home anymore.”

If the millage doesn’t pass, cut backs on services, and sites would need to happen, and that’s something they say — they simply can’t afford to do right now.

“There would definitely be a huge difference in how the community sees what we do,” said Pequet. 

The Millage will be voted on during the August 4th election.