Darrylin Horne

Five words/phrases that describe me:  Adventurous, Easy-going, Determined, Kind of awkward sometimes… but I love to live in the moment. 

Hometown:  Detroit’s Westside 

Other places I’ve lived: Mount Pleasant 

I graduated from: Central Michigan University 

I’ve been doing what I do for: I got my first job in Television when I was 16 (2009). From there, I held many different titles in the media space. Except ‘Reporter.’ WLNS has given me the opportunity to transition from behind the scenes, and I’m very excited! 

I have a knack for: Finding cheaper ways to travel! 

I’m passionate about: Being a great example for the people in my family. My cousins, aunts, uncles, sibling, and of course my parents are the reason I work so hard. I want to continue showing them that anything is possible when you never give up on yourself.  

When I’m not reporting: Outside of reporting, I’m at home binging the latest shows, spending time with my loved ones, or going to the best restaurants around town with my girlfriends. I also enjoy working out, but I’m not as consistent with that as I once was!  

What I love most about Mid-Michigan: I love that you get a little taste of everything in one region! From politics, to the Spartans, along with theatres, plenty of shopping, and places to eat! I loveeee dining out.  

Anything else you want viewers to know: I can’t wait to tell your stories! 

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