Elena Cousino

Five words/phrases that describe me:  Energetic, hardworking, kind, sincere and cheerful

Hometown: St. Clair, Michigan

Other places I’ve lived: East Lansing, Mich. and Lambertville, Mich.

I graduated from: Pursuing my bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University

I’ve been doing what I do for: A few months 

Most interesting assignment: Abortion rights rally at the State Capitol

I have a knack for: Getting people to open up and talk with me 

I’m passionate about: Meeting new people and volleyball

I can’t stop talking about: What shows I am currently watching

When I’m not reporting, I’m: Out exploring or watching T.V.

What I love most about Mid-Michigan: I love how friendly everyone is and the beautiful sights and parks

Anything else you want viewers to knowI love sweet and salty foods and I want to visit every national park in the United States

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