Jorma Duran

Five words/phrases that describe me:  Fun, loud, competitive, dependable, daddy

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado

Other places I’ve lived: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, and Missouri

I graduated from: Arizona State University

I’ve been doing what I do for: More than 20 years

Most interesting assignment: Tornado chasing for 100 days

I have a knack for: Avoiding questions asking me about what I have a knack for  

I’m passionate about: My kids, sports, and career

I can’t stop talking about: How great it would be to win the lottery

When I’m not reporting/anchoring, I’m: At home and unplugged

Other places you may have seen me: Kroger or Meijer. My family is always needing something and so I’m basically at one of those places every day. 

Favorite place in mid-Michigan: My basement

What I love most about mid-Michigan: I can get anywhere in the greater Lansing area in less than 20 minutes.

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