Kyle Makin

Five words/phrases that describe me: Fun, adventurous, kind, outgoing, and funny 

Hometown: Linden, MI

Other places I’ve lived: Mount Pleasant, MI 

I graduated from: Central Michigan University 

I’ve been doing what I do for: The reason I choose to become a reporter was because I thought I can help people and change their lives with my reporting. 

Most interesting assignment: The most interesting story I have done was a fundraiser for CMU’s radio station where I got to destroy a car on live TV. 

I have a knack for: Driving anything with wheels

I’m passionate about: Anything outdoors. 

I can’t stop talking about: Sports and Food 

When I’m not reporting, I’m: Outside enjoying the nature that Michigan has to offer. 

What I love most about Mid-Michigan: I love the capitol and all the history behind it.  

Anything else you want viewers to know: I’m here for you so reach out if you ever need a hand!  

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