McKoy Scribner

Five words/phrases that describe me: Chatty, always hungry, vibey, adventure-seeking, dance-machine. 

Hometown: Byron, MI

Other places I’ve lived: East Lansing, MI

I graduated from: Michigan State University

I’ve been doing what I do for: This is my first professional job as an MMJ/Reporter!

Most interesting assignment: Diving deeper into why CATA was previously short staffed.

I have a knack for: Going thrifting and finding pre-loved treasures

I’m passionate about: Breadsticks

I can’t stop talking about: The amazing restaurants throughout Mid-Michigan…I can write a novel about them.

When I’m not reporting, I’m: Thrifting or sleeping

What I love most about Mid-Michigan: I love the fact that Mid-Michigan is such a small world, you can run into anybody who knows someone who you know!

Anything else you want viewers to know: If you see me out and about, feel free to stop me and say hi! I’m a people person, so I love chatting with people about anything and everything.

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