Michael Thomas

Five words/phrases that describe me:  Thoughtful, Ambitious, Kind, Sweet & Trustworthy  

Hometown: Southern California

Other places I’ve lived: Los Angeles & Chicago

I graduated from: CSULA with my B.A. & Northwestern University with my  M.S. 

I’ve been doing what I do for: 6 months, this is my first reporter position.

Most interesting assignment: The red carpet at The Oscars & The VMA’s back home.  

 I have a knack for: Smiling, shopping, making jokes & coffee.  

 I’m passionate about: Personal growth &  understanding everyone

 I can’t stop talking about: My loved ones- I miss them dearly!

 When I’m not reporting I’m: Running or looking for new coffee shop around town. 

 Favorite place in mid-Michigan: I don’t have one just yet-stay tuned! (But I do love Cheese Curds at Culver’s! )

What I love most about mid-Michigan: The sense of community & open arms it has for me!

Fun fact/s: I worked in the funeral industry for 7 year- every position you can think of.

Anything else you want viewers to know: Remember, we are all human. Be kind, love hard and follow your dreams. Being a part of this community is important to me and telling your stories is simply the icing on the cake of this position.  

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