Rae Sherman

Five words/phrases that describe me: 

Crazy cat lady, Acrobat, Yogi, Storyteller, Morning Person (sponsored by WLNS).


Farmington Hills, Mich.

Other places I’ve lived: 

I lived in Los Angeles for 7 years.

I graduated from: 

University of Southern California

I’ve been doing what I do for: 

I started news at the end of 2022, and WLNS is my first station. Thank you to mid-Michigan for being so welcoming.

Most interesting assignment: 

My first ever ‘assignment’ was the large snowstorm in December 2022. Coming from playing in the sandy beaches of California to doing angels in the snow was definitely memorable. 

I have a knack for: 


I’m passionate about: 

Mental health, concussion advocation, animal fostering, growing & becoming a more conscious individual

What I love most about Mid-Michigan: 

Life here is manageable. Everything is 5 minutes away from my apartment. Aesthetically pleasing cafes, yoga studio, grocery stores, etc. It is quiet and spacious. It is something I have been craving for a while- after living in a large city for 7 years. 

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