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Bahrie Law proudly serve individuals and families throughout Mid-Michigan and Metro Detroit. Wherever powerful insurance, government officials or corporate interests seek to trample the rights of people, we can be found. Justice is your legal right, and we will help you to get up and stand up for your rights. The attorneys at Bahrie law are some of best attorneys in Michigan and are conveniently located on the south side of Lansing.

Areas of Expertise
Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation, Car Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Divorce, and Criminal Defense are our areas of specialty. Put our passion for justice to work for you.

About Bahrie Law

Bahrie Law has been fighting for the rights of ordinary individuals throughout Michigan for more than four decades. This extensive experience has provided our firm with an in-depth understanding of the law, the court system, and its players.  We know how to anticipate the other side’s next move, as well as what steps to take to effectively advocate for our clients and their rights. 

Our primary office is located in Lansing, Michigan serving clients in mid-Michigan and throughout the state. To better serve our clients in Metro Detroit, Bahrie Law recently opened a satellite office in Livonia.

Bahrie Law, PLLC was founded in 1979 on the simple principle of helping those in need. A family owned and operated law firm headed by Ronald Bahrie and his son Justin Bahrie, the firm has expanded in the ensuing 40+ years to be able to serve clients throughout the state of Michigan. Despite our impressive growth, we have remained a local, client-focused firm. Our attorneys live and work in these communities; we understand the unique challenges our clients face, and we truly know the local court systems.

Our team comprises highly skilled and respected attorneys, legal assistants, and support staff. Each of our trial lawyers is committed to aggressively representing the rights of their clients, an approach that has helped them secure countless favorable results throughout the years.

We regularly assist clients in a range of complex legal matters. We have represented severely injured individuals, as well as families whose loved ones were maimed or killed in on-the-job accidents or in automobile accidents. We specialize in recreating car accident and truck accidents to prove fault and causation. We have helped accident and injury victims secure the resources they needed to get back on their feet by filing workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims. After an injury or illness, we have helped people obtain the resources needed in order to return to work, or in the event they are unable to, we have helped file claims and obtain disability benefits through Social Security’s SSDI and SSI programs. Our attorneys have successfully defended clients in the face of criminal charges such as drunk driving commonly known as a DUI or DWI and have helped families navigate difficult separations, divorces, and child custody arrangements. Every individual case is different and requires a case-specific approach. We will sit down with you for a free consultation or provide a consultation over the phone or zoom; we will listen to your problem, apply your facts to the law, and develop a plan specific to each client’s individual circumstances. After our consultation, we want you to have a plan for the future, even if there is not a legal action, we are able to assist you with. Contact Bahrie Law today to schedule your free consultation.

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