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Ronald Bahrie’s 30 years of experience allows him to anticipate the moves made by the prosecution and attempt to negotiate an agreement for a lesser charge or dismissal of the charges if possible. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and steps to increase your chances of a more favorable verdict.

Social Security, work injuries, auto injuries, disability, death, and divorce are our areas of specialty. Put our passion for justice to work for you.

Bahrie Law was founded in 1979. Justin Bahrie, my son and partner, and I, Ronald Bahrie, have more than 45 of years of legal experience. We love to help people find a path through their legal problems.
We have represented families whose loved ones died or were maimed from injures on the job or automobile accidents. As local Lansing attorneys, we have helped families deal with separation, divorce, custody or termination of rights.  After an injury or illness, we have helped people obtain the resources needed in order to return to work, or in the event they are unable to, we have helped file claims and obtain disability benefits through Social Security’s SSDI and SSI programs. From probate to drunk driving and everything in between, Bahrie Law is here to help with your legal problems.
Every individual case is different and requires a case specific approach. We will sit down with you for a free consultation; we will listen to your problem, apply your facts to the law, and come up with a plan specific to each person’s individual circumstances. When you leave our office, we want you to have a plan for the future, even if there is not a legal action we are able to assist you with. Contact Bahrie Law today to schedule your free consultation.
Wherever powerful insurance, government officials or corporate interests seek to trample the rights of people, we can be found. Justice is your legal right, and we will help you to get up and stand up for your rights.

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