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Mage Data™ launches Mage R22.2 - the latest update to the Mage Data Security Platform's best-in-class features

Mage R22.2 adds several new capabilities in anonymization and test data management that will reimagine data security and privacy for enterprises worldwide. 

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mage Data™ today announced the launch of the latest update to the Mage Data Security Platform with the release of Mage R22.2. This update introduces new features and enhancements to existing capabilities as part of a continuous evolution of the award-winning Mage Data Security Platform.

"We have leveraged valuable customer feedback and the requirements of the evolving data security landscape to enhance the capabilities of the Mage Data Security Platform with the R22.2 release," said Anil Bhat, Senior VP of Engineering & Customer Success at Mage Data™. "With the improved anonymization capabilities and support for multiple databases & cloud stores, this release will help our customers realize the full potential of their data within the enterprise while at the same time being compliant with privacy requirements."

"The R22.2 release brings on-board several new features that will have a positive impact for our customers from the get-go," said Padma Vemuri, Senior VP, Product & Design at Mage Data™. "Capabilities like the improved Agentless Static Data Masking approach and addition of new masking methods will be of immediate support to improve business outcomes for enterprises and ensure that the Mage Data Security platform continues to be the best possible solution to unlock their full business potential while complying with complex data security and privacy requirements."

Along with new capabilities and performance & memory optimizations, the platform enhancements available with the R22.2 release includes the introduction of an automated installer for easy one-click installation, APIs and ability to execute scripts for end-to-end automation, and an improved support for HL7 & EDI files.

Previous version releases of the Mage Data Security Platform have received outstanding customer reviews and the R22.2 release looks to tread the same path with improvements in performance and scalability. The release has garnered widespread positive feedback from the initial impressions of both analysts and existing customers.

About Mage Data™: 

Mage Data™ is the leading solutions provider of data security and data privacy software for global enterprises. Built upon a patented and award-winning solution, the Mage platform enables organizations to stay on top of privacy regulations while ensuring security and privacy of data. Top Swiss Banks, Fortune 10 organizations, Ivy League Universities, and Industry Leaders in the financial and healthcare businesses protect their sensitive data with the Mage platform for Data Privacy and Security. Deploying state-of-the-art privacy enhancing technologies for securing data, Mage Data™ delivers robust data security while ensuring privacy of individuals. 
Visit to explore the brand's new website and check out the company's solutions. 

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