Cameron Tool Corporation

Located on the north side of Lansing Michigan, Cameron Tool Corporation is an industry leader in the design, machining, and construction of steel dies (or tooling) for the global automotive industry. We continue growing and developing our talent while expanding our facility and capabilities with state of the art machinery and equipment.  The die that we create provides the structural foundation of a car, SUV, truck or any steel structural component.  At Cameron Tool, once our skilled workers complete the die construction process, the die is sent to our customer at a production facility where the dies run in presses that stamp out the part. Those parts are then assembled into a product for companies such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, FCA, Honda, Tesla and many others.   

This is a highly skilled career, also known as a skilled trade.  Cameron Tool leadership takes great pride in our ability to train highly skilled and talented die makers and CNC Machinists for over 50 years. We are always looking for the next great tool and die maker!  And, our training does not end there! Employees are encouraged to continue their  education and training to grow their career at Cameron Tool to a project manager, a design engineer, a team leader, and help lead the next generation of die apprentices!  Visit our website at or contact us today to learn more about opportunities in the exciting tool and die career path.

In addition, we are a 100% employee-owned company! This not only provides a great retirement benefit for our employee owners, but it creates a culture of ownership and pride in our company, where we are all Employee Owners. Send your resume’s to

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