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Cameron Tool Corporation

Located on the north side of Lansing Michigan, Cameron Tool Corporation is focused on making steel dies (or tooling) primarily for the automotive industry.  The die that we make provides the structural foundation of a car or SUV or truck.  At Cameron Tool, we make the die that is later used in a production facility to stamp out parts that sent to automotive assemblers. Once a die  is built, a coil of steel is fed through the die and parts are stamped out. At Cameron Tool, we build the die and ship it to our customer where the parts are stamped out.

This is a highly skilled career, also known as a skilled trade.  Cameron takes great pride in our ability to train highly skilled and talented die makers and CNC Machinists for over 50 years. We are always looking for the next great tool and die maker.  But our training does not end there! Continue your education and training to build your career as a project manager, design engineer, and leadership. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities at

In addition, we are a 100% employee-owned company! This not only provides a great retirement benefit for our employee owners, but it creates a culture of ownership and pride in our company.

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