Back to back rallies across Michigan as battleground state ahead of elections

Campaign 2016

(WLNS) – Every day this week, Michigan continues to see rallies held for each candidate as we near election day.

Bernie Sanders pushed voters up north to vote for Hillary Clinton, while down in Mid-Michigan, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka made their way to campaign for their father.

Supporters from both parties could be found at rallies across Michigan, as both candidates give time and attention to the state.

“The battleground states haven’t really whittled down much, instead, they’re expanding,” MSU Political Science Professor Matt Grossman said.

The main push, to get voters to the polls.

“Both sides really need tog et their supporters out to vote,” Grossman explained. “That’s why they’re here for the last week”.

Donald Trump Jr. was at Michigan State today and touched on just how important Michigan is to his dad’s chances at winning the white house.

“This is an important state,” Trump stressed. “It’s a state we can win and if we win it’s going to be because of people like yourselves”.

Students attending today’s rally say they know how much their support will count in this election.

“We’re the next generation so for us to go out and vote, it’s going to be a much larger movement,” Trump supporter Dalton Brenke said.

Grossman says Hillary Clinton is getting the most support from millennials, and continues to lead the polls here in Michigan, a hurdle Trump may be trying to clear with the amount of last minute visits from his family.

“Donald Trump needs a lot of things to go his way to win Michigan,” Grossman said.

Bernie Sanders told rally goers in Travers City why Michigan needs to vote Clinton 2016.

“We want a President to bring us together,” Sanders said.

Mike Pence will make his way to Kalamazoo Thursday, and Hillary Clinton will make an appearance on Friday in Detroit to try to seal the deal on her current lead in the polls.

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