Campaign 2016: How Clinton and Trump disagree on immigration

Campaign 2016

(WLNS) – When it comes to topics that matter most to voters this election cycle immigration is near the top.

The question has been what do we do with the illegal immigrants in our country?

Would a Trump presidency or a Clinton presidency have a solution that a majority of the American people agree with.

From Muslims to Syrian refugees to illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border these issues have definitely polarized our country this election cycle.

But aside from the finger pointing from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who clearly disagree on this important topic, whose immigration policy echoes the beliefs of our nation?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

First, let’s look at the southern border.

We’ve all heard this from Donald Trump during the campaign: “Build a wall? Oh, don’t worry, we’re building a wall.”

That’s a phrase that has been common at Donald Trump campaign stops across America.

MSU political theory professor Ross Emmett says Trump is appealing to voters by saying building a wall would stop illegal immigrants from coming into our country.

According to Trump, Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to stop immigrants “she wants open borders. She wants people to pour across our borders. We won’t have a country folks. It’s because her international donors control every single move she makes. If we let the Clinton cartel run the government history will record that 2017 was the year America loss it’s independence,” insists Trump.

Emmett explains “he wants to give the message that if you come in, you will be sent back. And we’re going to build a wall to make it hard to come in. The Trump plan is essentially closing down as much as possible.”

For Trump immigrants coming in illegally through the southern borders will take our jobs.

Immigrants coming from the Middle East such as the Syrian refugees.

He says it’s American security we need to worry about.

Clinton’s response to those immigrants is “I’ve worked with a lot of Muslim groups around America. I’ve met with a lot of them and I’ve heard how important it is for them to feel they are wanted and included and part of our country, part of our Homeland Security and that’s what I want to see.”

“I think she’s appealing to the American traditions of welcoming immigrants, of helping immigrants integrate into our communities,” says Emmett. “That’s the traditions she’s appealing to in the policies that she’s framed.”

Clinton’s immigration plan is more about inclusion, not exclusion when it comes to immigrants from the Middle East and-or from the Mexican border. “My vision of America is American where everyone has a place. If you’re willing to work hard, you do your part, you contribute to the community.”

Professor Emmett says that the one thing the candidates do agree on is everyone who comes into this country must to go through the proper legal process in becoming US citizens.

As far as the policies they’ve proposed?

Congress needs to sign off on those.

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