Skubick: Poll shows Clinton lead slides and Michigan is in play

Campaign 2016

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Hillary Clinton’s once double-digit lead in Michigan is shrinking as Donald Trump is closing the gap five days before the election.

Donald Trump was in the state for the sixth time earlier this week.

Hillary Clinton makes her third trip to Michigan on Friday.

Former president Bill Clinton was in Detroit meeting with pastors on Wednesday night.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence was in Portage today and Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine was here earlier.

So if you want proof that Michigan is up for grabs, there is your proof.

Ms. Clinton, who once enjoyed a comfortable double digit lead, has seen that lead dwindle to three points which is within the margin of error which makes the race a statistical dead heat in our state.

The latest polling data from last Tuesday night from pollster Scott Mitchell reveals her six point lead this week is gone and its now 47 percent for her and 44 percent for him.

Ms. Clinton has lost two points with women for a 50 percent -to- 42 percent lead. Her advantage with men has disappeared. She trails Mr. Trump 46 percent -to- 44 percent. And she’s lost 5 percent of her Democratic party vote.

The FBI memo of last week from Director James Comey is apparently not a factor in this falloff but there is continued voter concern over the Clinton Foundation and Wikileaks emails.

She has a 24 point lead in mid-Michigan.

He has a ten point lead in west Michigan.

Mr. Trump has a 36 point spread up north.

She handily wins Detroit.

He wins outer Wayne County and Macomb County but she beats him in Oakland County.

In other words, the path to the White House comes through Michigan and the outcome is in play.

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