VP candidate Mike Pence brings Trump message to Lansing

Campaign 2016

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – As the race tightens here in Michigan both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are hitting our state hard.

Clinton herself is in the state today and Trump’s running mate made a stop right here in Lansing.

Mike Pence spoke at a rally at the Capital Region International Airport.

“Michigan always plays an important role in national elections, and I think especially this year,” said Pence.

Govenor Mike Pence stepped off his plane and stepped up to speak in front of hundreds of local Donald Trump supporters as he works to motivate Michigan voters.

“If they want to rebuild our military, have America standing tall in the world again, if they want to revive our economy through tax relief, smarter and tougher trade deals, repealing Obamacare, and if they want a Supreme Court that upholds our highest Constitutional liberties, that comes the day that Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States,” Pence told the crowd.

With only four days left until the election it’s a tight race here in Michigan but local Republicans are feeling optimistic.

Rep. John Moolenaar was there to greet Pence and said “Michigan is a battleground state and we’re getting candidates coming in and surrogates, it’s very exciting, now it’s down to getting out to vote.”

Rep. Tim Walberg introduced Pence and adds “I think America will speak and I’d like them to speak for the best interest in America, the best ideals of America.”

As for Pence, at this point in the game, it’s less about swaying new voters to Team Trump and more about making sure those who are ready to “make America great again” make their voices heard on Tuesday and supporters here are listening.

Trump supporter Linda Kahler explained “people need to vote, they need to understand the issues, they need to vote, they need to vote their heart, they need to vote what makes real sense, they need to look at the issues and be informed.”

Pence reminded the crowd that “our message here in Michigan is what it’s always been, I think this is, the choice in this election is between change and the status quo.”

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