LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Promote the Vote 2022 says it delivered 669,972 signatures to the Secretary of State Monday for a new petition.

Monday is the deadline for signatures to be submitted for petitions to qualify for the November ballot.

At least two ballot campaigns, Promote the Vote 2022, and Reproductive Freedom for All, delivered their signatures Monday. The Reproductive Freedom for All petition says they collected a record breaking 753,759 signatures.

In order to be qualified and placed on the November ballot, a little over 425,000 valid signatures need to be submitted.

Promote the Vote says it’s ballot initiative will ‘enhance the integrity and security’ of Michigan’s elections by updating how votes are counted.

“The common-sense solutions in the Promote the Vote 2022 ballot initiative will make voting more convenient and secure especially for working parents, military families who move frequently or get deployed overseas, elderly voters, voters with disabilities, and rural voters who live or work far from their polling location,” Promote the Vote 2022 said.

The group says it’s initiative would do the following:

  • Allow Michigan voters serving in the military to have their ballot counted if postmarked by Election Day;
  • Give voters nine days of early in-person voting;
  • Require the state to pay for postage for absentee applications and absentee ballots; provide secure ballot drop boxes and a statewide tracking system for absentee ballots.

After the signature drop-off on Monday, the group released the following statements, which you can view below.

“Today, Promote the Vote 2022 delivered 669,972 petition signatures from Michigan voters who want to make sure their voices are heard and their votes counted in every election,” said Micheal Davis, executive director of Promote the Vote. “The Promote the Vote 2022 campaign is extremely grateful to our team of partner organizations who worked tirelessly to gather signatures from every corner of our state. Michiganders demand and deserve to know they can vote safely, securely and conveniently, and we are already building momentum for the months leading up to the November General Election.”

“For several months, thousands of Voters Not Politicians volunteers have visited communities across Michigan to let people know how we can make our elections more secure and more convenient for all eligible voters, especially for military families, working parents, older voters, and rural voters,” said Jamie Lyons-Eddy, deputy director of Voters Not Politicians. “The Promote the Vote 2022 ballot proposal will help make sure interference, intimidation and harassment in Michigan elections are a thing of the past. Voting ‘yes’ on Promote the Vote 2022 benefits Michiganders, not politicians.”

“The Michigan State Conference of the NAACP has worked for generations to empower Michiganders and strengthen local communities, especially those who have been marginalized and especially in the area of voting rights,” said Yvonne White, president of the Michigan State Conference of the NAACP. “Every Michigan voter should have confidence that our elections are fair and that politicians don’t put barriers between them and their ballots. Promote the Vote 2022 will significantly reduce intimidation before, during and after voters cast their ballots, and the NAACP looks forward to helping this important proposal win in November.”

“Promote the Vote 2022 is critical to ensuring that all voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots and be heard, including those who live and work in rural areas,” said Bob Thompson, president of the Michigan Farmers Union. “Michigan farmers and rural residents can cast their votes conveniently, when they want and how they want, and know that safety and security measures are in place to protect their ballots and the integrity of our elections.”

“Promote the Vote 2022 provides nonpartisan solutions to make sure every eligible voter has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, and that’s why the League of Women Voters of Michigan and our volunteers worked so diligently to collect signatures,” said Christina Schlitt, co-president of the League of Women Voters of Michigan. “We’re excited to deliver hundreds of thousands of signatures from Michigan voters who want a guarantee that their voices are heard, their votes counted and no one is left behind.”

“No matter what you look like or where you live, every eligible Michigan voter has the right to vote in free, fair elections,” said Kurtis Fernandez, field manager for APIA Vote- Michigan. “Promote the Vote 2022 guarantees voting rights and access to the ballot in Michigan’s Constitution. More than 669,000 Michiganders who signed our petition support these common-sense nonpartisan ideas, and voting ‘yes’ on Promote the Vote 2022 is crucial to the integrity of our elections.”