Capital Rundown: A look at Michigan politics

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) Earlier this week., The Lansing City Council decided to change the charter. They’re putting ranked-choice voting on the November ballot. It will be in the hands of voters whether to implement this new voting system or not.

The winner in ranked-choice voting must get more than 50 % of all first preference votes. If not, the person who gets the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated. Whoever was voted second on those ballots would be ranked higher.

That process would continue until someone wins a majority of first preference votes. For some, having ranked-choice voting is their top choice. While others rank it near the bottom.

Some council members say wherever you fall on this debate, take it to the polls.

The Biden administration fell just short of having 70% of the nation get the vaccine by the fourth of July. That’s why the push continues. And that’s the message the vice president brought to a vaccination mobilization event in Detroit:

In an effort to drive up numbers here in Michigan, the State announced a lottery for people who got their shots. The name of the million-dollar winner was drawn on Monday, But the governor only announced the names of four of the daily $50,000 winners at an event on Wednesday.

There’s still a shot at nine full-ride scholarships to Michigan public colleges, and another grand prize worth $2 million.

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