Capital Rundown: ABC Political director breaks down ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies and their possible effects on politics

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – 11 months after Donald Trump’s loss, he and many of his supporters are still falsely claiming the election was stolen.

Earlier this week, Trump supporters held an “election integrity” protest at the Michigan Capitol.

ABC Political Director Rick Klein spoke with 6 News’ Tony Garcia to explain what effects these rallies might have on politics.

“[Election fraud] has been the driving motivation through most of the action in terms of audits and recounts and the like, the election’s over. It’s been settled. Every state certified its results, Joe Biden is the president. And as you said, it’s 11 months now but it is still a motivating issue for many Republicans that are pushed along by the mistruths,” said Klein. “Look, there’s a portion of the country that believes this truly and fully. I think in large part because they were told that by people that they trusted, I don’t know how that goes away. Unless the former president decides to make it go away.”

Despite the election being a settled manner, Trump continues to claim that the election was stolen and that he refused to concede.

“For as long as Trump keeps talking about it, I don’t see how it fades.”

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