CAPITAL RUNDOWN: Congressman Moolenaar discusses new internet bill, D.C. spending

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — With close to two years into the pandemic, internet access has become more important than ever.

Michigan Representative John Moolenaar is hoping to see a change in how rural Michiganders get access to the ‘net.

The BOOST Act is a priority for the Congressman because it impacts rural Michiganders.

“I think the pandemic brought to light so many of the gaps, whether it was people who needed telemedicine for healthcare, people who were needing to access the internet for their learning opportunities for schools, even agriculture, which does precision agriculture using,” said Moolenaar.

BOOST stands for Broadening Online Opportunities through Simple Technologies, and Moolenaar recognized in the past few years, a lot of investing has been done into the infrastructure of the internet.

The bipartisan bill has 18 co-sponsors and would give a tax credit of up to $300 for people to access the internet.

“The BOOST Act would be an important complement to any efforts we are doing expanding access to the internet through infrastructure,” continued the Congressman.

On the other hand, Moolenaar is not a fan of the spending that has taken place in D.C.

“The Biden administration has really been convinced that there’s no relationship between all of this massive spending and inflation,” said Moolenaar. “Even economists from Barack Obama’s administration has said that the driver of this inflation is the massive government spending.”

According to the Rep., issues that the U.S. is facing now will only be exacerbated by government spending, especially in regards to energy usage in the nation.

Moolenaar believes that it will increase inflation issues in America.

You can watch the full interview in the video player above.

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