Capital Rundown: Congressman Tim Walberg discusses gun laws in wake of Oxford shooting

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (wLNS) – As supporters of strict gun laws speak out in the wake of the Oxford high school shooting.

In an effort to get more laws passed Michigan, congressman Tim Walberg says that’s not the right answer.

“On this issue. So often the first thing we seem to hear about is let’s have more gun laws. And my question says, what gun law don’t we have right now that if we used it wouldn’t have an impact. I listened to some of the county Sheriff’s statements about that saying the frustration that when his deputies and officers have like pickup people with gun violations… often they get into a court system that eventually puts them back on the street and really doesn’t use the full impact of the gun laws that are there already,” Walberg said.

“And in many cases, people don’t even have a legal handgun or a long gun in the process of committing a crime or having it where there they shouldn’t. So let’s use the laws and let’s carry them out, and let’s expect our courts and our justices to do what the law says. Second, I think we look ahead to look at mental health issues in this particular case. But in the end, we know that criminals will get guns when legal-minded citizens will follow the law. And they’ll be the ones that are restricted without costs,” Walberg said.

Check out his full statement in the video above.

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