Capital Rundown: Gun control debate is back, Federal COVID cash finally freed

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As politicians on both sides of the aisle are offering their opinions on what can be done to prevent gun violence in schools. Our Capital Correspondent Tim Skubick sat down with the Rundown’s Andrew Birkle to take a deeper dive into the issue.

In the wake of the Oxford school shooting, the gun control debate is once again at the political forefront.

After almost every school shooting, activists will call for the legislature to do something, but then the NRA steps in and says “no thanks” and then nothing happens. We’ve seen this movie before.

GOP leader Mike Shirkey was interviewed after the incident and essentially said we aren’t going to do anything because we can’t get rid of risks in life, reducing risks takes away personal freedom.

Staying with the Michigan legislature, some federal COVID money is finally getting used.

Billions of dollars in federal funding will be going to a variety of problems, specifically water and PFAS issues.

The key takeaway from this money being used is that Democrats and Republicans are finally cooperating on something,

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