CAPITAL RUNDOWN: MI Senator talks his decision to announce his run in 2022 election

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As Michigan’s Congressional and voting districts are re-drawn, it’s still not exactly clear what they will look like for the 2022 election.

But that didn’t stop one current state senator from formally announcing his run for the 2022 election.

The Rundown sat down with Republican state senator Tom Barrett to find out why he’s running.

“Because I’ve just been so disheartened by what I’ve witnessed going on in America today. The Biden administration has failed families like mine, people in my district, in the area that I represent in the Michigan Senate, as well as the battle buddies of mine in the military,” said Barrett.

Barrett served 21 years in the army and has served two terms in the state senate.

The Republican senator told us what changes he wants to make, especially regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the vaccine mandate.

I witnessed the absolutely unforgivable lack of leadership in the withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 of our marines and service members dead. You know, the unmistakable or unforgivable failure of leadership in our military right now. And then, you know, now this new mandate that’s being imposed on people that totally violates their own free will or their own sentiment to make their own decisions. I’m somebody who’s already fully recovered from COVID 19, and the army refuses to accept that as a reason to have a waiver for this mandate.”

MI Senator Tom Barrett

And finally, we asked Barrett why people should vote for him.

Barrett talked of runaway inflation and how that has impacted his own family.

“Think that I have a lot of interests that align with people in Michigan, they’re seeing runaway inflation that is taking more out of our paychecks when we go to the grocery store. I’m a father of four and you know, we’re feeling that in my family,” said Barrett.

The senator put things into perspective about the change he can create.

“I can’t fix all of them all by myself, but I can be part of a team to hopefully deliver better results for people back home here in Michigan,” remarked Barrett.

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