Capital Rundown: President Biden receives COVID-19 booster shot, Supreme Court set to resume Monday

Capital Rundown

WASHINGTON D.C. (WLNS) – President Joe Biden got his COVID-19 booster shot this week. Biden is part of the “over 65” category that makes him eligible for a booster shot 6 months after his initial doses.

Biden was seen joking and laughing while receiving the shot, and ABC political reporter Rick Klein says it was a very important signal to send.

“Nothing speaks quite as loudly as an action like that,” said Klein.

In other DC news, the Supreme Court is set to begin its new term on Monday, with the attention of millions of Americans as Texas’ controversial abortion bill is still being hotly debated.

Mississippi also has an anti-abortion law that’s more of a direct challenge to Roe V Wade.

“We know that the court looks different than it did before president Trump took office with his three new justices, and that’s going to be among the very, very early tests of what this new court.”

For Rick’s full analysis, check out the video player above.

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