LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It was another big week in politics here in Michigan.

Four of the Republicans who want to unseat Governor Gretchen Whitmer went head-to-head on Wednesday.

The Capital Rundown show starts this week with the highlights from the debate.

We also hear from Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick about his thoughts on the action.

Plus, five Republican candidates will be on the primary ballot for governor in a few weeks, but only four of them were at the televised debate earlier this week. That’s because Ralph Rebandt didn’t poll high enough to qualify to make the stage.

Despite that, he’s still confident he has a shot at winning the race. The former pastor recently told the Rundown bringing God back into our culture is top of his list.

In addition, Michigan native Nate Silver became famous for his use of statistics and predictions. He founded a website called FiveThirtyEight, which gives the odds on everything from politics to sports.

The group recently put together its predictions for who will win the House, the Senate, and various governors races across the country in the November elections.

Kiyerra Lake sat down with FiveThiryEight’s Nathaniel Rakich to find out what the numbers say for the Great Lakes state.

For all of that and a lot more, watch the video player at the top of the page.