Capital Rundown: Two state senators talk bill package aiming to block COVID-19 related mandates in schools

Capital Rundown

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — On Tuesday, the Michigan Senate approved legislation that aims to block requirements for children to wear face masks at school or receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The four-bill package passed on a party-line vote of 19 to 15.

The Senate Bill was sponsored by Brighton Township Republican Lana Theis, who the rundown was able to catch up with this week.

“And at a point in time where we’ve now seen well over a year of disrupted education,” said Theis. “It was really, really important that we set the standard for what that needed to look like moving forward.”

Theis additionally cites parents were reaching out to her and their schools.

“I had many parents from all over the state reach out to me and tell me that their child had issues,” said Theis.

For Theis, when a government is interfering in healthcare, there is a major problem.

For the senator, the vaccine mandate should be for states to determine, as well as parents to make decisions for their children.

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic State Senator Curtis Hertel of East Lansing told the Rundown he’s not worried about the bills because he knows Governor Gretchen Whitmer will veto them.

However, Hertel does have one thing on his mind.

“We still have money for testing that hasn’t been appropriated. We have all these things that are actually really important that we accomplish for people,” said Hertel. “And instead we’re sitting in the Michigan legislature debating bills that aren’t going to go anywhere… that promote conspiracy theories.”

Hertel talks about how the pandemic precautions can be “tiring”.

“You mean the act is very clear of who actually sets up a vaccine mandates in the state. Those are done at the state level. So legislator doesn’t need a bill to tell local governments what to do here, because they already have the power themselves to be.”

You can watch the full interviews in the video players above.

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