LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Some Michigan lawmakers are looking at providing state-of-the-art technology to every school in the state to address the mass shooting issue.

After the tragic mass shooting at the Oxford High School, officials bought a new technology system developed by Navy SEALs to detect a gun on the school grounds.

Now, some lawmakers want every school building to have it too.

The company is Zero Eyes and it places its technology in school security cameras.

Two lawmakers want to spend $268 million to retrofit every school in the state.

In addition, the company promises to create an operating call center in Michigan and hire 100 military and law enforcement retirees to handle the gun surveillance assignment.

The head of the Michigan School Board Association endorses the effort but has a cautionary note.

“While we appreciate the legislature appropriating the money, I don’t want anyone to think that with this money the school safety problems that we’ve seen around the country are solved,” said Don Wotruba, former director of the School Board Association.

He also wants schools to have the final say.

“Those who want it, get it. for those who for some reason do not, it would be nice for them to do other things with the money in the school safety space,” said Wotruba.

Hoping to avoid another tragedy, lawmakers could vote on this system this fall if the deal falls into place.